Specific rights with regard to processing personal data have been recognized in Article 11 of the Law to personal data owners ("Data Owner") defined as the relevant person in the Personal Data Protection Law ("Law") no.  6698.

In pursuance of the first paragraph of Article 13 of the Law, the application to be made in relation these rights to our Company that is the data supervisor should be in writing or should be communicated to us with the other methods defined by the Personal Data Protection Board ("Board)". Within this framework, the applications to be made to our Company in "writing" should be communicated to us by using this form from the physical environment via notary public or registered e-mail.

Your applications communicated to us shall be responded within "at the latest thirty days and as soon as possible" as of the date in which your request has been delivered to us as to the nature of the request as per paragraph 2 of Article 13. Our responses shall be delivered to you from the electronic environment or in writing as per the provision of Article 13 of the Law.

As to nature of this form and your request, the information and documents requested from you should be delivered to us in accurate and correct manner. In cases where the requested information and documents are not provided as for how it should be, breakdowns can be experienced in full and qualified execution of the studies to be made based on the request by our Company. In this case, legal rights of our company are reserved. For this reason, the relevant form should be dispatched in a manner that shall include the requested information and documents correctly based on your request.


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In addition to this, your information you have indicated above can be requested for obtaining more detailed information relating to your application, informing your regarding the investigation process and communicating the application results.


Please specify what your personal data that is subject to your request is. Within this context, we kindly ask you to indicate below your request relating to personal data.


I kindly request that I would be informed after my application made to your Company is considered as per Article 13 of the Law in line with the requests that I have specified above.

I hereby undertake and declare that my information and documents that I have provided to you in this application are correct and up to date and I have been enlightened in the issue of necessity for me to pay the fee designated by the Board in cases where an additional cost is required and additional information can be requested in order for the Company to finalize my application.

I hereby would like the response be sent to my mail address I have provided in Part 2. 

I hereby would like to responses be sent to my e-mail address I have provided in Part 2.

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