Quality Policy
  • All of our products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) rules and quality. To this end;
    • current rules and technology are pursued
    • the necessary measures are taken to ensure continuous improvement and development
    • customers' expectations are met at a maximum level
    • the end-user is enabled to use our products in a fully secure manner
  • In accordance with this policy, the senior management of the company completely fulfills the requirements of the quality management system and commits to increase its efficiency continuously.
  • In order to fulfill this commitment, the management sets new targets for all processes every year and evaluates those targets periodically.
  • The senior management of the company:
    • acts with transparency, equity and integrity in all of its relations with suppliers, customers and employees
    • enables a democratic atmosphere to flourish in the company
    • prioritises the interests of the society and the protection of nature in all kind of work carried out
    • trains and develops its personnel on a continuous basis. Considers labor health and security of utmost importance
Executive Committee
Issued on: October 26, 2004
Revision No: 05
Health Safety Environment Policy

As Birgi Mefar Group, while continuing our activities with our expert personnel in all circumstances and conditions for sustainable and open future, we;

  • Fulfill the requirements of all legal and terms of concerning health, safety, environment,
  • Prevent environmental pollution at its source, reducing and separating waste at its source to provide maximum recycling,
  • Reduce continuously use of energy and natural resources to prevent climate change and to take precautions for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem.
  • Ensure to maintain appropriate work environment to prevent occupational accidents and health impairments, eliminate hazards and carry out all actions at the minimum risk level
  • Evaluate stakeholders expectations to current and evolving needs and Health Safety Environment
  • Commit to provide the resources needed for the effective implementation and continuous improvement of Health Safety Environment Management Systems in the context of life cycle with the participation and consultation of all our employees

In order to fulfill these commitments, the management sets targets and evaluates them periodically. To achieve those specified targets, the company;

  • Sets required monitoring and improvement program
  • Engages in activities to increase the knowledge and awareness of our stakeholders in Health Safety Environment matters,
  • Uses current technological methods
Executive Committee
Issued on: May 29, 2018
Revision No: 03
Information Security Policy
  • The BirgiMefar Group of Companies strives to create a sustainable environment for continuous improvement with its expert and motivated employees.
  • While doing so ;
  • We promise to ensure the prevention of all employees potential legal consequences which may arise from any breach of information security,
  • We promise to ensure the protection of highly critical data such as financial and technical,
  • We promise to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information systems,
  • We promise to ensure the continuity of the business,
  • We promise to prtotect the reputation and investments of our society, clients and suppliers,
  • For these objectives;
  • Up-to-date security technologies and regulations are followed,
  • Continuous improvement and development measures are taken,
  • Ongoing training to our employess is provided,
  • New targets and goals are set every year for each process and periodic evalutaions are done to evaluate the progress,
We, hereby ,pledging our full commitment to our promises and objectives.
Issued on: November 1,2012
General Manager
Policy of Customer Satisfaction and Handling Customer Complaints

In accordance with our corporate culture as Birgi Mefar group of companies satisfaction of our customers and using our products by end-users in a complete confidence are our priorities.To this end;

  • 1. Customers' and end-users' complaints are handled in a quick, attentive, in compliance with regulations and laws and TS ISO 10002 standard,
  • 2. Every step of investigating complaints is performed in compliance with the principles of transparency,confidentiality and being fair. nobody, institutions and parties are given deceptive and misleading information.
  • 3. All complaints and claims are treated as added value opportunities and continuous improvement.Therefore complaints are evaluated in an efficient and effective manner and concluded certainly
  • 4. Corrective and preventive actions required in order to prevent repetition are determined and applied without any delay
  • 5. Our complaint management system is periodically reviewed and efficiency of the system is reported to the company management.
  • 6. Our main goal is to eliminate all kind of situations that may create any complaints.All kinds of precautions needed for this are taken and monitored.
BirgiMefar Personel Data Protection and Processing Policy

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